Saturday, May 7, 2011

Update/Pastor Figueira Coming to the States

We are encouraged as we watch the Lord guide each step of our lives.  We have so enjoyed the process of letting friends and family know of our passion and plans for a permanent move to Portugal.  We are currently at 40% raised of our goal of $2000 a month.  Things are also coming along well in the work visa application process.  Please be in prayer for these things as we move forward.

Pastor Figueira will be arriving in the States May 9.  He will embark on a 2-week journey to meet with friends and churches to share his vision for church planting in Portugal and Mozambique.  Please be in prayer for the Lord to bless his travels and ministry.  We will spend a day with him in Virginia at the home of the Parrish family, great friends who were in ministry in Portugal with Word of Life.

We will be headed to Connecticut and New York to share our plans for Portugal in several churches June 27-July 5.  We will be using the train as our mode of travel, a new adventure for the girls.  Please be in prayer that our time will be fruitful, and for traveling mercies. 

Isabel is healthy and beautiful, and Anadia and Cora absolutely adore her.  We are so truly blessed with a home full of smiles, laughter, and challenges.  Our greatest desire is for our children to grow up with a deep love for our Lord and Savior.

Thank you for your love and support.  Thank you for coming along side us in this ministry!

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