Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Lord is Good!

Pastor Figueira and his wife Ana
I am always amazed at the blessings that God allows us to enjoy during our lifetimes!  I just returned from Ames, Iowa, where I had the privilege of spending time with Pastor Figueira and his family as we celebrated his son Levi's wedding.  I was so blessed with the opportunity to reconnect with each of the Figueira's, and to meet and get to know some great people.  What a joy it was to be a part such an occasion!  God is going to do amazing things through Levi and his new bride, Shanna.

My time in New York was an event I will never forget.  My father and I participated in a golf tournament in Syracuse named after my late grandfather and a close friend of his.  The tournament was founded through North Syracuse Baptist Church as a way to share Christ through the memory of two great men.  I was privileged to speak about the impact my grandfather had in my life, and was also able to share about our passion for Portugal.  My father had the joy of sharing the Gospel to the men there.  As an added bonus, we won the tournament!   

I am back with my family, and I have missed them greatly!  The girls are doing well, growing too fast!  Anadia and Cora just finished up ballet camp, and we are very proud parents.  Isabel is healthy and is a beautiful addition to our family.

One of the last things Pastor Figueira said to me before I headed back to Virginia, was that he is praying that we will come to Portugal soon.  There is a desperate need for laborers in that country!  Will you join us in our passion for Portugal?

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