Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Only that in every way, whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is proclaimed"

Philippians 1:18 - What then?  Only that in every way, whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is proclaimed; and in this I rejoice.

Our Family
Much has happened since our last post!  Caryne's parents arrived on the 19th of June, and we had a short but wonderful time with them.  We had the joy and privilege to have Caryne's dad dedicate Soraia to the Lord on the 23rd of June here at our church.  We are so thankful for how God works, as Caryne's dad has also dedicated our other three girls to our Savior.  Soraia and Caryne are doing great.  Soraia in growing well.  She is already over a month old!  On July 9 we celebrated the birthday of our precious Cora.  She turned five, and we had a great celebration with many families of our church.  We are so blessed to have the privilege to raise our girls in the Lord, and we are so thankful for family and friends around us who are joyfully a part of that.

Prison Ministry
Last year, through some very confusing and difficult circumstances, a brother in Christ (Gigi) from our church ended up in a local prison.  He and his wife are both Romanian, and they are an essential couple in our church family.  What has transpired from the point in which he entered the prison until now has been a wonderful work of the Lord.  Gigi almost immediately began to affect those around him for Christ.  Today, there is a powerful and growing ministry within the prison.  Our church family is being challenged to reach out to the inmates that never receive visitors.  Additionally, the Portuguese government recently approved our church to hold services with the inmates.  Please pray for this ministry! "Only that in every way.....Christ is proclaimed."

New Church in Trofa
Last Sunday a new church was officially formed in our assembly.  Several families from the town of Trofa, who have been a part of our church for many years, will be starting a new church in their town.  The pastor of this new church came to Christ and was trained in our church, and he has accepted the call to lead this new flock.  The commissioning service will take place this Sunday.  Please pray for this new church!  We praise the Lord that the Gospel continues to advance here in Portugal!

Young People
Please continue to pray for the young people of the churches here.  The economic and social climate here continues to be a tremendous challenge, and the youth have very uncertain futures ahead of them.  Please pray for their walks with the Lord, their relationships, their family life, and for their employment future.  We will be having weekly activities with our youth group throughout the summer.  Please pray we will see clearly what the Lord has for us to share with them.

Family Needs
With the growth of our family, some new needs have presented themselves.  We are praying for additional monthly support, as well as giving for "special projects,"  things like car repairs, household needs, etc.  Would you consider giving towards these needs?

We have been so blessed as we have now been in Portugal for over a year!  Praise the Lord our needs have always been provided, and He promises that they always will be. Your partnership is essential, and we praise the Lord for each one of you!

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