Monday, January 13, 2014

"All to the Glory of God"

We are now entering into the middle of our second year in Portugal! We are so humbled and thankful for what the Lord has done, and will continue to do, in our lives. We are truly grateful for the investment that so many of you have placed into our family!

Monthly Needs
We are so encouraged about what is being accomplished through our church here in Porto!  The Lord is using this church to reach people in this city as never before (more on that in minute)!  Thank you so much for your vital partnership that enables this ministry to continue moving forward!  We wanted to share with you our current financial situation so that you could be in prayer with us about a specific need.  We are currently at approximately 75% of monthly support.  An additional $600 monthly is needed for us to be at 100%. Our stategy has always been to take on part-time teaching hours to supplement any financial shortfall. Unfortunately, getting enough hours can be quite challenging, so we are praying for full support.   Thank you for praying with us, and for your consideration in financially partnering with this ministry!

Reaching our "Jerusalem"
As mentioned above, the Lord is using our church - Antioch Baptist Church - to reach those around us like never before.  We have a powerful ministry in a local prison, where we meet with at least 20 inmates every Saturday to pray, sing praises, and share the Gospel. Members from our church meet inmates individually during the week just to spend time listening and praying with them.  The Lord is using our young people to reach families in a low-income housing neighborhood, as well as spend time each month with widows in our congregation.  The Lord has also opened up new doors to provide basic needs to downtrodden families, with their salvation always as the primary focus.  Praise Him for what He is doing!

Your Partnership
We can't wait to see what the Lord will do this year in Portugal, a country that is in desperate need of the Gospel!  Your partnership is vital!  Thank you for coming alongside this ministry!

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