Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wonderful are Your Works!

Recent Converts
Please be in prayer for four specific names - Catarina Teixeira, Catarina Guiomar, Sérgio Peixoto, and Jhoan Viafara.   They are four young people that, through the ministry of our church, recently accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Each one of them have unique backgrounds and stories, and our most important objective now is to help them grow in maturity in Christ.  Please be in prayer for that specifically, as spiritual growth is what is so crucial now in their lives.  We praise the Lord for what He is doing through our church!

Casas Farol
A very important component in the ministry of our church are our Casas Farol - our Lighthouses.  Every week different groups from our congregation meet in homes throughout the city of Porto.  It is a much more informal and intimate setting where we sing praises to the Lord, pray for one another, and study His word. These Casas Farol are also very important in our church's strategy to see the Gospel spread throughout this city (a city with approximately 1.3 million people).  Because of the more relaxed setting of these Lighthouses, it is a great opportunity to invite unsaved friends and family.   Additionally, Casas Farol are key in the overall vision to establish new local churches in this part of the world, as they can be a catalyst for the Gospel in each of the communities where they exist.

Please be in prayer for this particular ministry of our church.  Each of these Casas Farol require a faithful, spiritually mature leader who is able to teach God's word effectively.  Men are currently in training under the teaching of our pastor for this very reason.  Also, we are soon to launch several new Casas Farol in other parts of the city.  Its an exciting time, and we are so thankful to have all of you as partners with us!

Ministry to Widows
We have several widows in our church family, two of whom just became so.  Not too long ago we decided that a great part of the ministry of our young people would be to regularly visit these widows, to spend time with them and encourage them.  We visit these women's homes, where we sing, pray, read God's word, and eat together.  It is a great blessing to all involved to see these women's spirits lifted, and to watch the effect this ministry has on the young people.

Thank You
Many of you answered our need for additional monthly support, and for that we are grateful.  It is such a blessing to be able share with you in this ministry.  As the apostle Paul would say, grace be with you!

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