Friday, June 20, 2014

On the Move

We're Moving!
We have reached the two-year mark since moving here to Portugal, and we have decided to move to a new house and new area of Porto.  When we first arrived we were tremendously blessed to move into a beautiful apartment in the same building that Pastor Figueira and his family live.  It has been a wonderful place to call home and it will be bittersweet for us to say goodbye to it.

But as our church continues to move forward with the vision to reach this great city for Christ, we have felt the Lord leading us to strategically relocate so that our family may be used by the Lord in a more effective way. Our new home is in an area close to several families of our church, and Lord-willing we will launch a new Casa Farol there.  If you remember (Info on Casas Farol), Casas Farol are an important component in the vision our church has to reach the lost of Porto.  It is a home located in a quieter area of the city, with a little more space for the girls to play, and within walking distance of their new school.  Thank you for your prayers as we make this move!

Special Project - There will be some new expenses related to the new home, so if you would like to give to that specifically, you can send funds to BILD International with a note containing the title "Darling's Moving Expenses."

Nana's Visit
We had the wonderful privilege recently of receiving a visit from my grandmother, affectionately known as Nana, along with her friend Sue.  They spent several days with us here in Porto getting to know our church family and our city.  I was also able to travel down with them to Lisbon, where we spent another several days revisiting where I grew up and where Nana and my grandfather had visited so many years ago.  It was a true blessing from the Lord to be able to spend that precious time with her and Sue!

Music School
Several weeks ago, another important component in the vision of our church, a music school, was launched. Understanding the importance of music for the growth of any church, we began in May with over 10 students, with classes in music theory, piano, guitar, and bass guitar.  Several of the men involved in this school, including myself, are either current or future leaders of Casas Farol.  This school will enable us to learn to read and play music, giving us the ability to lead worship within Casas Farol.  The school also gives our kids and youth interested and/or gifted in music an opportunity to develop their abilities.  Please pray that this school will be used in a mighty way to spread the Gospel!

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  1. It is awesome to see the Lord lead you an your family in Portugal! I can't believe it has been two years! Praying that God will continue to bless you!