Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Greater is He that is in You

New School
One of the awesome features of our new home is that the local school is within walking distance for Caryne and the girls.  For both Anadia and Cora it will mean moving to a new school and everything that a change like that brings.  This past year they had been attending separate schools, but praise the Lord they both have been accepted into the new one!  They certainly are excited that they will be together every day!  Please pray for them that they will integrate well will their new teachers and classmates, and that above all else they will be able to show God's love to those around them!

Special Project
As you all know, there are always extra expenses at the beginning of the school year for things like books and supplies.  If you would to give toward a special project specifically for the girls' schooling, the costs will be around $200.  

This little one has discovered the joys of walking :)
Recent Convert
Please be in prayer for a recent convert in our church named Laura.  Please pray that she will grow in Christ, and that we as a church will be effective in leading her to maturity in the Lord.  We praise the Lord for all that He is doing through this local church!

From a recent day trip to GerĂªs, northern Portugal.  

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