Thursday, October 30, 2014

Blessings Abound!

The Lord continues to bless the ministry of our church here in Porto.  Last week we had the joy of witnessing the baptism of a recent convert who came to Christ through the faithful example of a member of our church. Please pray for this young man from Colombia named Jhoan.  Pray that he would grow in spiritual maturity as he seeks to serve the Lord.

Bible Studies
An awesome part of our ministry here is the opportunity to have weekly Bible studies with several of the young people in our church.  I meet with three of our young men on separate days of the week, Caryne meets with several of the young women at least twice a month, and together we meet with a young dating couple each week.  It is such a privilege to study and grow in maturity together, and to see these young people with the desire to serve the Lord with their lives!  Please be in prayer that the Lord would guard their hearts, and that they would be effective witnesses to those around them!

A Special Visit
We were so blessed to have my parents here in Porto for two weeks!  They had a great time getting to know the ministry here, and visiting places in and around our city that are special to our family.  The girls loved the time with their grandparents!

What a joy it is to serve the Lord in Portugal!  Thank you for your partnership!

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