Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Our Family to Yours!

Celebration of the Birth of our Lord Jesus
What a joy it is to celebrate together the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ!  We trust you had a wonderful time with family and friends during the holiday season!  As a family we retreated into the mountains for a few days for Christmas, and we had a great time!  Let's celebrate our Lord Jesus each and every day!

Prison Ministry
The awesome ministry that our church has in a local prison continues to be blessed by the Lord.  We have seen several decisions for Christ, and new faces come to our meetings almost every month.  I continue to meet with a prisoner named Michel from Holland several times a month.  We have seen encouraging spiritual growth in him, and our prayer is that the light of Jesus will truly shine through him to those around him in the prison.

Casas Farol
As I have mentioned before, Casas Farol (Lighthouses) are an integral part in the vision of our church here to reach the lost for Christ.  In these meetings we get together in homes throughout the city to sing praises, study the Scriptures, pray, and share.  We hope to soon, in these meetings, begin to also gather around a meal to celebrate the Lord's Supper.  Please be in prayer as this year we are going to start what will be our fourth Casa Farol in the southern part of Porto.  It is our prayer as a church to see Casas Farol in every corner of this city!

Music School Ministry
Our church's music school ministry is doing very well.  The purpose of this ministry is to train people within our church to be able to use music to serve the Lord.  There are classes in piano, guitar, bass guitar, and music theory.  We also hope to have voice classes soon.  We have already seen fruit, as one of our students now plays bass guitar in our services.  I am encouraged as I am progressing with the guitar, and have already been able to use what I have learned with our girls, as well as in some meetings with church members.

Thank You
It seems as though the transition with our support has gone quite smoothly, and we want to thank you all for that, and for your faithful partnership!  We are so blessed to have each and every one of you alongside us on this journey!

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