Thursday, July 30, 2015

Blessings Each Day

Thank the Lord for the blessings He gives each day!  We have had such a precious time so far here in the States visiting family and ministry partners!  We have been in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, and New York, and it has been a joy to share about Portugal everywhere we go.  Thank you for your continued prayer as we will be heading to Connecticut, then Alaska, back to Connecticut, and then back to Portugal August 27. 

Thank you so much for your faithful partnership!

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  1. I asked the kids what their favorite part of the summer was and they said "When the Darlings stayed with us!" Wish you could have stayed longer but so glad for the time we could spend with you guys. Looks like it's been a great trip State-side. Continuing to pray for safe travels and God's blessings. Hopefully we'll be the ones visiting you guys next time ;-)