Tuesday, October 13, 2015

"Born again to a living hope"

Back to School!
Anadia and Cora headed back to school on September 21st.  Please be in prayer for them, as each day they are walking into a true mission field.  We as a family have a tremendous burden to reach the lost here in our community in our town called Milheir√≥s.  Our local school is of course a part of our community, and it is a daily challenge for Anadia and Cora to be salt and light to those around them so that Christ shines through their lives.  We thank the Lord for His guidance and protection!

New Convert!
Praise the Lord another young lady dear to our church family has come to know Christ!  Her name is Bea. Please be in prayer for her as her journey in Christ has just begun!

Please be in prayer that we would always be ready and willing to be used of the Holy Spirit in all opportunities the Lord gives us in both sharing the Gospel, and in discipleship.  First and foremost, our constant prayer is that the Lord would use us to reach the community in which we live.  We are also blessed to be able to disciple young men and women, I have had great opportunities through teaching English, and we are blessed to be a part of our local church ministry.  What a privilege it is to serve the Lord!

Thank You!
We have been praying for additional monthly support, and that prayer has been answered!  Thank you all for your faithful partnership!  

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