Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Next Step for the Darling Family in Portugal

Our time here in Portugal has truly been a time of growth, a time of learning, a time of training, a time of blessings for all of us.  The Lord has solidified our convictions of who we are in Christ, what are gifts are, and where we are going from here.  

An important conclusion that we have come to is that full-time ministry is not what the Lord has for us moving forward.  In the last few months we have felt the immense leading of the Holy Spirit that full-time vocational work is where the Lord wants to use us for the furthering of His kingdom.  It is important to state that this decision has come after many months of prayer, tears, and discussion.  I will be pursuing a career in my field of study, which is Sports Management.  It is a field that I am passionate about and feel the Lord has given me the desire to be a part of.  As Sports Management positions are very few and far between here in Portugal, we have made the difficult but correct decision to move back to the United States.  We will be moving back to Virginia this coming August or September.  Because there will be a transitional period involved, Caryne and the kids will stay with my parents in Connecticut while I get things set up in Virginia.

It is important to note that until we leave we will continue to be in active ministry with our church here in Portugal.  Because of this we thank you for your continued financial support until we move back to the States.  We will also have many extra costs involved with such a big move, including passport renewals and getting settled back in the U.S.  Thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration of helping us with those costs.

We cannot begin to express how we feel about all of you and what you have done for us throughout our time here.  It has been an amazing privilege to have you all partnering with us here in Portugal in ministry.  The Lord has done and will continue to do wonderful things in this country for the furthering of His kingdom!  Each one of you has sacrificed much to be alongside us, and we have been blessed beyond measure by your love and support!

We are excited about this new chapter in our lives as we move forward in obedience to the Lord!  We are also looking forward to reconnecting with all of you as we get settled!

We will keep you updated as things progress (next important event - the birth of our son! - please be in prayer for a complication-free birth!)

To Him be all glory and praise!


  1. Excited to have you guys back! Will be praying for the logistics. Love you guys!

  2. We will miss you, but we are happy and excited with this all new chapter! Os Quadrados

  3. Woweee. Suddenly I feel the feeling that I felt when we left Portugal o so many years ago. And miss it still. Praying for your new advanture.

  4. We will be in much prayer for you all as you make this transition back
    to the U.S. We are sorry that our support did not follow through
    this past year. Somehow we did not realize this until recently.
    We have been praying for your special time with your parents.

    Our love and prayers
    Howie and Joanne