Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spring is Coming!

We praise The Lord for every opportunity to serve Him!  We continue to steadily move forward with the opportunities we are given, and look forward to seeing God working in the hearts of the people.  We are very aware of God's presence and guidance here, and that His word does not return void.  

I continue to teach English, and though the schedule fluctuates, God always provides just the right amount of work.  Teaching English has opened up many opportunities to share with people about our personal relationship with Christ.  In a culture where God is either distant and unavailable, or just a religious practice with the hope that "maybe I'll be good enough", discussing the fact that we have a personal, one on one relationship with God is an unfamiliar concept.  We pray for many opportunities to live this out.  

We anticipate many good things as our church transitions to a more family centered, and outreach focused ministry.  As we study carefully through the book of Acts, we are striving to emulate the early church in it's form of discipleship and multiplication of churches.

At home, Caryne and the girls are doing well.  The girls enjoy their school routine, but look forward to going back to the beach, since we are starting to have more sunny days! Caryne and baby are healthy and doing great, only 15 weeks before the due date!  As this time gets closer, we would ask for prayer that the delivery would be smooth and the baby would be healthy.  Also, pray for clear communication with the hospital staff, especially for Caryne.  We look forward to welcoming this blessing to our family!

We continue to pray for upcoming expenses, knowing that the Lord is never surprised. We are in need of a bigger vehicle to accommodate our growing family.  We are praying for the opportunity to purchase this vehicle soon so we may be ready for the new arrival. In June we will also be needing to renew our visas, which will include a new visa for the baby.  The cost for these visas will be approximately $1,000.  Thank you for your prayer and consideration regarding these needs!

We can never thank you enough for your partnership.  To Him be all the glory!

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