Monday, April 8, 2013

The Lord is Never Surprised!

Vehicle Provided

Through the Lord's provision, and through the gracious support of wonderful ministry partners, we were able to purchase a van!  As we seek daily to put everything in God's hands, we are blessed and humbled as He provides for our needs.  We are so thankful for the privilege we have to serve Him!

Pastor Figueira in Mozambique

Pastor Figueira and an elder (Jorge) from our church left yesterday for Mozambique. Pastor has been traveling there at least four times a year for many years.  The purpose of those trips has been to teach pastors how to train up new leaders within their local churches.  These new leaders are being used to plant new churches as the Gospel expands.  On this current trip, Pastor Figueira hopes to establish a unified strategy on how to most effectively reach Mozambique for Christ.  Key church leaders from all over the country will gather together to map out this strategy.  Pastor and Jorge will be gone for two weeks, and will be traveling all over the country.  Please pray for blessing in ministry, and for safety.

Anadia and Cora

Through much prayer and discussion, we have decided to enroll Anadia and Cora into Portuguese school here locally.  They will begin in September.  We pray for wisdom and strength as we approach this exciting, yet anxious, time for our family.  We appreciate your prayers as we begin this new chapter.

Caryne and the Baby

Caryne and the baby are well, praise the Lord.  As we approach the due date, there are many details and preparations that need to be taken care of.  The Lord has it all in His hands.  Please pray that we will rest peacefully in that fact.  Thank you for your prayers for this pregnancy.

Young Men's Bible Study

We recently began a new young men's Bible Study here at the church.  It has already produced fruit, and we are excited about what God is doing, and will do, through these young men.  Please be in prayer for this ministry.

Thank you for your partnership!