Monday, September 9, 2013

Stand Firm in the Lord

Anadia & Cora Heading to School
September 16th is the first day of school for Anadia and Cora.  This week we will be attending meetings to meet their teachers, familiarize ourselves with the campuses, and learn what supplies the girls will be needing.  This is a nervous time for us as it is the first time we will be sending any of our children to public school!  Our prayer is that the girls will feel the strength of the Lord as they begin something very unfamiliar to them.  Ultimately, we pray that Lord will work in them and through them to shine the Gospel into a very dark world!  We covet your prayers as we begin yet another new chapter in our lives.

New Casa Farol (Lighthouse)
Casas Farol (Lighthouses) are a vital component of the ministry of our church.  Every week several small groups from our church gather in homes in their various communities. In these Casas Farol we gather together to sing praises, pray together, and study God's word.  Our prayer and vision as a church is that these Casas Farol will become catalysts of the spreading of the Gospel through new church plants in these communities.  Praise the Lord we began a new Casa Farol recently in the town of Pedrouços!  Please pray for this important part of the ministry here!
Wedding Bells
We recently celebrated the wedding of two young people, David and Lídia. Lídia has been a part of our church for most of her life.  David just recently accepted Christ as his Savior, and was baptised the Sunday before the wedding.  Please pray for this young couple.  David's parents did not even attend the wedding as a way of protest against our faith.  This is a common occurrence here, something to always be in prayer for!

Children and Youth
This Saturday will be the official kick-off of fall activities for the children and youth of our church. Please pray for Caryne and I as we seek to follow the Lord in helping the youth grow closer to Him. Our main focus will be to lead them to become more unified as a group, develop a habit of a daily walk with the Lord, and stepping out to reach those around us for Christ.

Special thanks to those who gave for our August project - school supplies for Anadia and Cora

Thank you for your partnership in this ministry!

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