Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"Go Therefore"

The Baptism of Anadia
This past Sunday I had the wonderful honor and privilege of baptizing Anadia.  As we have been teaching her the foundations of faith in Jesus, she quickly began to understand that she needed to be baptized!  We are very proud parents as we watch our firstborn grow in the Lord.  It was an awesome service in front of our church family, and some family in the States even got to see it live!  We praise the Lord for His goodness!

Pastor Figueira's Trip to Mozambique

Pastor Figueira departed today for another trip to Mozambique.  He will be meeting with key church leaders in several different regions of the country. Strong foundations have already been built to ensure effective leadership training going forward.  On this trip he will be looking to encourage the churches to continue pressing on with the vision of spreading the Gospel through church-planting throughout that nation. Please pray for effective ministry, health, and safety.

Anadia and Cora in School

Anadia and Cora are doing well in school, praise the Lord!  They are learning the language, making friends, and discovering new things all the time.  It is certainly not without its challenges, as most of you know, but we are thankful that the Lord is always with them in this new phase of their lives.  Please pray as we continue to work out the kinks in regards to communication with teachers, purchasing of materials, and other things involved in school life.  We trust that the Lord will use them as vessels to show His love to those around them!

O Bairro do Lagarteiro
The youth group of our church recently began a new ministry in a low-income housing area of the city of Porto.  Through a church member, we learned of an elderly lady (Silvina) in this area in desperate need of help to clean and maintain her home.  Because of her health, she is no longer able to take care of it herself.  As a group we have begun to get to know her, and we have also begun the frequent cleaning of her home.  Please be in prayer for the salvation of Silvina, and for the youth as they are introduced to a whole new world that involves some circumstances that can be hard to imagine.  The ultimate vision for this ministry is to begin to hold Bible studies in her home, and Lord-willing to reach out to others in the neighborhood with the Gospel.

Prison Ministry
Pastor continues to hold worship meetings in a local prison every Saturday.  Attendance has been good and consistent, with at least 20 men coming each time.  I have also begun to visit two inmates every Tuesday.  They both speak English, and before me they had never had any visitors.  They also attend the Saturday meeting, and are open and hungry for the truth of the Gospel.  Please be in prayer for this awesome ministry!

Soccer Ministry
Every Friday evening around 10-15 young men of our church get together to play soccer. This ministry is a tremendous way to invite unsaved friends and family, and it has already begun to show some fruit!  Please pray that those who are invited would see a true difference in us, and that the time together will open up opportunities to share the Gospel!

"Special Project" for the Month of October

As winter approaches, we are in need of some reinforcements for the girls and for our home.  As there is no central heating in our home, we be needing to purchase extra blankets and sheets, as well as wood for the fireplace.  Would you prayerfully consider giving to this need?

Thank you so much for your partnership!  We praise the Lord for each one of you!

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